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I’m delighted and privileged to wear (I mean juggle!) many hats as a proud mother of 3 beautiful children (yes I am biased but they really are amazing!), a wife of 10 years to my wonderful Daniel, fiercely loyal sister, crazy aunty to 12 gorgeous nieces and nephews, secondary Maths and Science teacher by profession, medicinal essential oil educator by choice. My family mean the world to me and having these incredible oils to support us in our busy lives in invaluable.

Lindsay's Story

Having grown up in less than regular or ideal circumstances between the UK and France, I have always been fiercely independent, very self-motivated and determined to make a good stable life for myself and my future family. 

Things were often very complicated and rather unstable at home so I focused on what I could control: my school work and this opened many doors for me. I went on to study Human Biology and Sports Science at University only to swap over in my postgrad to teach secondary Maths. In my career in teaching, I was incredibly privileged to work with some wonderful children and teachers and become an Assistant Head and Head of Maths at the age of 26 in an inner city London school. 

While I loved my work in teaching, this was not the work-life balance I wanted for my family once we had our first child. Just before the birth of our daughter (baby number 2), I was introduced to the world of essential oils, and not just for tree huggers, there was a world of evidenced based science that I just loved diving into. Who knew there was a biochemical explanation to why wild orange makes you feel calmer and happier!? Little did I know that these oils would be the saving of me and my family but and the video above will give you an idea of how that happened.

Three years down the road and I am now living the life I dreamed of, surrounded by my family, in control of my timetable and my life and enjoying the healthy body I took for granted for so long. 

I’m so grateful for the choices I made, the trials and successes I experienced and all the paths I walked along the way because I learned something from all of it. One of my favourite quotes is:‘Life isn’t waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain’.

One of the things I love about what we do is that we get to help people to ‘dance in the rain’ and often find shelter from the storm by offering natural solutions to their health concerns. As cheesy as it may sound, these oils brought the sunshine back for me and now I get to take it to others, first and foremost to the people I love and care about: my family.

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