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The Tumaini Childrens Charity is a charity supporting vulnerable children in Kenya. Their vision is to secure a better future for children through education and practical support. All money given will go towards Tumaini Brooks Centre where over 600 children receive education, food, counselling and therapeutic feeding. The centre also supports fostering for children who have been orphaned.

Who are they?

Tumaini childrens charity is run by a team of volunteers. This means that every donation goes directly to the children who need it. There is a committee which meets monthly to assist Tumaini Brooks Centre.

What they do

They are a Government registered school providing both primary and secondary education; they  are improving the teaching standards and student results each year.

Why are they there?

Paul aged 7 and Susan aged 5 lived on the streets of Kiambu, a small town, 23 km north of Nairobi in Kenya. Every day they would search for food and shelter. With their mother in police custody and with no state support they were left to fend for themselves.

In June 1998 David HInga noticed Paul and Susan come into his church. He was so moved by their circumstances that he and his wife Alice took them into their home until their own mother was able to take care of them.

Today, Paul and Susan are healthy, well and have started their education at Tumaini. Many children in Kiambu go hungry and cannot afford to go to school. This further deepens the cycle of poverty for future generations.

Alice and David created Tumaini Brooks Centre to break the poverty cycle, provide food and education for children in Kiambu. They support them fund raising here in the UK.

Their aim, with your help, is to assist Tumaini Brooks Centre. They fund raise money and benefit from monthly donations which supports teachers' salaries and the cost of food. They also assist the centre by maintaining and improving resources for the centre.

Children are provided with porridge each morning and maize meal for lunch every day. This means that children are not worrying about where their next meal will come from and they are free to learn.

Many children did not attend school because they needed to look after younger siblings whilst mothers worked on the coffee estates. They provide childcare for children under three so that all children are free to attend school and trips to enhance their education and broaden their view of life. They have a counsellor and a social worker who visit families in their homes assisting them with social and emotional needs.

Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved and help...  Currently it costs Tumaini £10.00 a month to support one child within the project. Your monthly donation will directly impact the life of a child.

Get involved  by getting sponsored to take a challenge, fundraise for us by involving your local community, company or school. Some ideas such as cake sales, raffles, car boot sales, plant sales, quiz nights, asking friends to donate on your birthday or anniversary, fill up a water bottle with your loose change and donate, second hand clothes collection, contact them when you are ready and they will arrange to collect from you. 

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